About Me

I am Christine, plastics engineer with several years of professional experience in R&D and project management positions. I received my MA degree in innovation and technology management at the Wilhelm B├╝chner University in Darmstadt, with the focus on innovation and intercultural competence. I am educated in project management, training, and coaching. 

My Motivation

The story of the Daily 10-min Project Planner began at California State University  Sacramento (CSUS) in 2021. It was there that I laid the foundations for intercultural competence and project management. During my master's thesis on intercultural leadership and creative teamwork, I found out how important the interplay of intercultural competence and diversity sensitivity, creativity and relationship building in diverse teams is in order to develop their potential. Combined with project management skills and task prioritization, the result is a workbook that, when used optimally, increases project success. The important thing is consistency and the discipline to stick with it for 6 months. This learnings I would like to share with people interested in learning and growing.