Recommendations for Organizations

1.         The organization should provide the necessary technical infrastructure for virtual teamwork, which includes the equipment for virtual meetings and platforms for data exchange. 

2.        There is a need for flexible working hours and a home office because of time differences.

3.         The organization should provide sufficient capacities and budget for the project to reduce the time pressure and allow creative work time. Overloaded employees do not unfold creative potential. 

4.        The organization should provide sufficient time and budget for personal meetings and allow the employees to travel and meet in person.  

5.        There is a need for qualified and motivated people.   

6.        It is recommended to structure creative teamwork in agile projects and, hence, the condition for agile projects must be established by the organization. 

7.         The organization should provide training to develop intercultural competence, as well as leadership training, creativity training, and virtual communication training. 

8.        A type of intercultural mentoring from experienced colleagues or, if needed, external individual intercultural coaching could be provided. 

9.        To build a pro-diverse and creative environment, a continuously driven diversity and creativity management approach should be established, and both intercultural competence and creativity have to be practiced continuously. 

10.    The corporate culture, the role of the headquarter, and the role of the subsidiaries should be considered.