Thank you!

 I would like to thank everyone who helped me shape the book into what it is. Every criticism and every suggestion is a path to something new. A lot of people were involved. 

Telegram Channel

If you like to have a daily reminder, please follow on telegram messenger. You will receive one of the motivating quotations every morning from Mo to Fr at 8 am.

Webinar 09th and 16th of April

Join me for a 30 min webinar at 7pm and let me explain how the book works and how you can use it best.
Language: German

Webinar 27th of March

Join me for a 30 min webinar and let me explain how the book works and how you can use it best. 
Language: German

I support education in Kericho

To increase the impact of the book, I donated the profits from the first 100 books to 3 girls from the Sirimdo Village in Kenya, Kericho to support for education. 

Online now

You increase your productivity by clearly setting your goals and prioritizing your tasks. You promote the potential of your diverse team by working daily on your positive team mindset and creatively practicing intercultural sensitivity. Our book users saw the first results after just 6 months. Take the next step towards your team's success. Click here: 


 On November 30th I presented the topic of intercultural team collaboration in the context of R&D at Ikukon23 in Dinkelsb├╝hl.

First feedback - test book 

" It is fascinating how continuous prioritization and planning of tasks and daily reflection can have a positive effect on project work and the attitude towards the project." 

" It took some discipline and patience for me to edit the pages daily. I did it for 3 months and am now more experienced at it."

" I don't work with an intercultural team every day, but the book gives me the flexibility to use it according to my needs."

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